Treatments for a Pinched Nerve in Neck

Most physicians are likely to recommend adequate rest until your pinched nerve in neck symptoms improve. They may suggest use of a cervical collar to prevent excessive movement and stabilize the neck area. If there is evidence of inflammation then NSAIDs and pain-relieving medications(analgesics) may be advised. There are, of course, natural alternatives to prescription anti-inflammatories and painkillers that may alleviate the condition without the problems of NSAID side-effects suffered by many using these medications.

Recommended Pinched Nerve in Neck Treatments and Remedies.

Physical therapy for neck pain is often encouraged for treatment of acute neck pain and pinched nerves; this should, however, be conducted in line with professional guidance as, if done incorrectly, strengthening neck exercises could exacerbate the condition. Physical therapy may also include electrical stimulation, cervical traction, neck massage, and heat/ice treatments to stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation.

Of course, cervical spine surgery is another option if the condition does not respond to non-surgical intervention. Surgery is rarely conducted, but can in some cases be a key part of relieving pressure on pinched nerves in the neck. The use of a TENS unit may be of benefit to some with acute neck symptoms of pinched nerves, in order to relieve the pain whilst the body repairs itself; they may also find benefit from chronic neck pain in some cases.

Last Updated: 10/09/2011